Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is managed by Captain Jared Peterman, Sgt. Paul Bradshaw.


 Captain Jared Peterman        Sgt. Paul Bradshaw  


The Patrol Division of the Howell County Sheriff's Office is responsible for patrolling the 928 square miles of Howell county, assisting and protecting its 38,000 residents plus visitors from other areas. Driving marked cars, they are the first responders to all incidents that they are called to, or happen upon. Incidents commonly include domestic violence, neighbor disputes, burglaries, thefts, unruly children, etc.. They enforce the laws of the State of Missouri.


During 2006 they responded to 4305 "Calls for Service" 1763 of these involved some type of criminal activity. Working on their normal days off, while being paid by grants from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they stopped over 1800 traffic violators, some of which were wanted on warrants ranging from felonies to misdemeanors.


Additionally, officers assigned to the Patrol Division, specifically as Dispatchers, handle all of the calls that come into the Sheriff's Office. These calls come in both by phone and by visits from the public. They then assist who they can or dispatch a patrol deputy to handle the task.


The Patrol Division eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist those in need.

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