ARES stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Services. Amateur Radio operators who donate their service, time and equipment to aid in communications in emergency or disaster situations.

Howell County Sheriffs Lieutenant Mike Coldiron applied for grant money through Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Planning and was granted to purchase a Ham Radio Repeater and Radio for the Sheriff's Office and in August of 2008 an approval from the FCC and Missouri Repeater Council was granted a license to host a frequency delegated for emergency communications. The Repeater was put into service as an open to the public repeater but has a priority during emergencies. The Missouri State Highway Patrol agreed to allow this repeater to be installed on their tower in Willow Springs Mo.

On September 10, 2007, a public meeting was held at the West Plains Civic Center with Emergency Management Officials from Willow Springs Mo., Mountain View Mo., West Plains Mo., and Howell County Emergency Management, to develop a working relationship between amateur radio operators and emergency services. The results of that meeting led to a public vote for a liaison to communicate between emergency services and the amateur radio groups. From that meeting the ARES/RACES in Howell County was formed.

On September 24, 2007, a Resolution, 2007-R11, Memorandum of Understanding was signed in to effect between the Howell County Commission and ARES/RACES to utilize Amateur Radio Operators to work hand in hand with emergency services in Howell County during emergency or disaster situations. The ARES organization was merged with the RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) to become one organization.


October 16, 2007 The first meeting to accept applications was held and to date are about 15 active members of the ARES/RACES organization in Howell County.

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For information on ARES visit the Amateur Radio Relay League at

For Local Information about ARES / RACES contact;

Lt. Mike Coldiron

Howell County Sheriff's Office

1106 Missouri Ave

West Plains, MO. 65775

phone 417-256-2544


Radio Call KD0AIZ

HC ARES Frequency 145.250 offset -600 PL TONE 110.9

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