Conceal Carry:


Frequently Asked Questions


Permits to carry concealed weapons are being issued at the Sheriff’s Office.  To obtain a conceal carry permit, you must meet certain requirements.  There is a fee for the permit.  Below are some guidelines and a recommended procedure for you to follow.


Before you consider applying for a conceal carry permit, you must be certain that you qualify.  There are certain requirements that must be met according to Missouri Law.  Those requirements are changing so stay tuned as we are working on updating this page to reflect the new laws.



When you come to the Sheriff’s Office to apply for your conceal carry permit.  You need to bring the following:


1.      a copy of your training certificate,

2.      your drivers license, state identification, or military identification.

3.     A check or money order,  made out to the County Sheriff's Revolving Fund in the amount of $100.00,


At the Sheriff’s Office you will be fingerprinted.


When you fill out your personal information on the conceal carry application form, be sure to fill out your name, address and license/state identification information exactly as it appears on that identification. 


If the Sheriff refuses to issue you a permit, you will receive notification stating why you were refused.  You can then appeal his decision through Small Claims Court.