Overview Of The Administration (Admin) Area

SnippetMaster was designed to be simple and easy to use. However, that does not mean the program has only a few features! In fact, SnippetMaster is FULL of sophisticated and advanced functionality to help you manage your website.

The Admin Area is where users with Admin privileges can create new users, configure list groups, upload groups, program settings, and generally tell SnippetMaster how it should work.

Remember to use caution when altering any options or settings in the Admin Area. If set improperly, some of the settings can cause confusing effects or even prevent your pages from being edited or saved properly.

Also, be very careful whom you give access to the Admin Area (Admin privileges). Usually, it is preferable to create regular users for your customers, instead of giving out an administrator username and password.

You can easily:

  • Create multiple users -- each with their own access privileges to the program features and snippets that they can edit.
  • Use "List Groups" to limit users to only certain folders. You can specify different folders when browsing for Snippets/files to edit, images, or links. (Each user can be assigned to a different List Group.)
  • Create "Upload Groups" to make groups of upload folders and upload settings that can be applied to any user.
  • Limit users to only certain editor toolbar options or functionality by using "Editor Groups".
  • Choose to allow only strict XHTML code, specify "extended" valid elements, or even just allow anything that's entered into the editor to work without any code validation at all.
  • Specify the default editor size.. and even override this value on a per-snippet basis!
  • Much more! Be sure to visit the Admin area and spent some time to become familiar with all the different options and features. If there are any features you would like to see added, please be sure to let me know!

Need help?

Each option or value in the Admin Area has a ? (question mark icon) beside it. If you need help with anything, just roll your mouse over (or click) the icon and a popup will appear to explain the details of the option or setting.

Let's get started. What would you like to learn about?